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I was having an off day, I didn’t feel like going to the gym, I didn’t cook all day, I slept more than half of my day and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I thought it was … Continue reading

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Love Lost

I realized I was pretending, I had employed the false smile to make myself think I was okay. And I hate myself a little for that, I don’t like to lie to myself but I felt I had to. I … Continue reading

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My First Love

Falling in love a second time made me realize that not everyone you will love romantically you will love the same. My fist love: I liked him and he liked me, I liked him because he liked me. He took … Continue reading

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It’s Been One Month

I still think about you when I wake up You’re still my last thought before I fall asleep I’ll be at the store and I’ll remember you and wonder how you are I still hope I’ll see you again one … Continue reading

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I’ve Annoyed Myself

I’ve had enough of thinking I’ve had enough of writing I’ve had enough of living every moment with thoughts of him I’ve had enough of typing my sorrows away I’ve had enough of believing I’ve had enough of hiding I’ve … Continue reading

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About Failing 

I’ve failed a lot, and it always made me feel inadequate. It made me feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything in life. But I’ve realized that the reason I fail so much is because I don’t stop trying. I tried … Continue reading

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Stained Shirt

I wash my shirt over and over again. But he stain is still there. I wear that shirt again hoping the stain will simply fade away, but in the meantime I still carry that stain around. It was a great … Continue reading

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