Stained Shirt

I wash my shirt over and over again. But he stain is still there. I wear that shirt again hoping the stain will simply fade away, but in the meantime I still carry that stain around. It was a great shirt; I loved the peach color and the coolness it exerted in the hot summer days. It was flowy, edgy, clean, but after that month of happy memories with my shirt, a big stain marked it, perhaps forever. I might have to throw the shirt away, but I still hope the stain will fade or wash away. Maybe I’ll just get a new shirt, throw this one in the donation pile and go forget about my stained shirt. But if I see someone wearing my old shirt will I become upset? Should I rip it apart and shred it instead?

But in the end I decide to keep the shirt, continue to wear it and wash it, making the stain slowly disappear until one day I won’t even notice it anymore.

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