About Failing 


I’ve failed a lot, and it always made me feel inadequate. It made me feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything in life. But I’ve realized that the reason I fail so much is because I don’t stop trying.

I tried to be a chef, but I failed.
I tried to ignore my anxiety, but I failed miserably.
I tried being in a long-term relationship, but I failed.
I tried to graduate in 5 years, but I failed. Make that 7.

I won’t stop trying because with all the things I’ve tried I’ve learned something. Sometimes I had to pay a price (of blood and tears, of pain, a broken heart) for that knowledge, but it’s my knowledge. I learned it, I lived it, and I don’t regret it.

I was inspired by a quote I read one day, and I still live by it: “the only things you regret are the things you don’t do” – Michael Curtiz. I take chances because I don’t want to wonder the rest of my life. From peeking into an insignificant classroom closet out of curiosity, to taking a trip abroad to Spain, to confessing my feeling to that guy, I don’t regret any of those things. I’ve learned what I like; I’ve learned what to not do.

I take chances, I don’t always follow the rules, sometimes my gut instincts get me in trouble but it’s all worth it. I make my choices, I try, I make my mistakes, I live my life.

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